Management organisation

As at 24 February 2015

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Management organisation Executive Board






Executive Board Member




Corporate & Support Functions

Dr Wolfgang Büchele,
Chief Executive Officer


Gist, Opportunity & Project Development


Corporate Communications & Investor Relations, Corporate Internal Audit, Corporate Office, Corporate Strategy & Market Intelligence, Group Human Resources, Group Legal & Compliance, HSE (Health, Safety, Environment), Project Management Office/LEAP

Thomas Blades


Americas segment, Global Governance Centres Deliver, Healthcare, Operations, Global Gases Businesses Helium & Rare Gases



Dr Christian Bruch


Engineering Division


Technology & Innovation

Bernd Eulitz


EMEA segment



Sanjiv Lamba


Asia/Pacific segment, Global Governance Centres Merchant & Packaged Gases and Electronics



Georg Denoke


Finance/Financial Control for the segments EMEA, Americas, Asia/Pacific


Group Accounting & Reporting, Group Information Services, Group Insurance, Group Mergers & Acquisitions, Group Procurement, Group Risk Management, Group Tax, Group Treasury, Investments, Operational Finance, Controlling & Investments, Real Estate

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Gases Division


Engineering Division



See diagram below for organisation


Jürgen Nowicki


Martin Gwynn



Steve Bertone





Tilman Weide



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Gases Division






EMEA segment (Europe, Middle East, Africa)


Americas segment


Asia/Pacific segment

RBU Northern Europe
Bo Dyrvold


RBU Americas
Pat Murphy


RBU East Asia
Steven Fang

RBU Central Europe
Olaf Reckenhofer


Finance/Financial Control Americas
Jens Lühring


RBU South Asia & ASEAN
Rob Hughes

RBU Southern Europe
Arnold Coppin




RBU South Pacific
Colin Isaac

RBU Africa & UK
Mike Huggon




Finance/Financial Control Asia/Pacific
Binod Patwari

RBU Middle East & Eastern Europe
Dr Hans-Hermann Kremer





Finance/Financial Control EMEA
Matthias v. Plotho





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Global Governance Centres (GGCs) and Global Functions










GGC Merchant & Packaged Gases
Jens Waldeck


GGC Electronics
Andreas Weisheit


GGC Healthcare
Dr Christian Wojczewski


GGC Operations
Rudolf Lamm


GGC Deliver
Ian Rennie
















Opportunity & Project Development
N. N.



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Corporate & Support Functions




Corporate Communications & Investor Relations


Ullrich Porwollik

Corporate Internal Audit


Thomas Müller

Corporate Office


Andrea Reutershahn

Corporate Strategy & Market Intelligence


Holger Kirchner

Group Accounting & Reporting, Group Risk Management, Group Insurance, Real Estate


Björn Schneider

Group Human Resources


Werner Boekels

Group Information Services


Sandeep Sen

Group Legal & Compliance


Solms U. Wittig

Group Mergers & Acquisitions


Tim Husmann

Group Procurement


Christoph Clausen

Group Tax


Dr Wolfgang Salzberger

Group Treasury


Dr Sven Schneider

HSE (Health, Safety, Environment)


Phil Graham

Operational Finance, Controlling & Investments


Michael Ullrich

Project Management Office/LEAP


Dr Alexander Unterschütz

Technology & Innovation


Dr Andreas Opfermann